Deity and Freedom-Equality-Justice in History-Philosopy-Science Having the most perfect life order is essential for human happiness.  The problem is,  how to establish it without destroying the freedom, equality and justice which are needed for living in harmony with one’s self, body and soul, and with others.  This book is simply intended to  shine  a light on to the interrelation between the Creator and His creations, as well as from creations to creations relating to the meaning and the choice of the DEITY. It concentrates on  the difference between the behaviour of pre-programmed beings, including the human body, and the chosen behaviour of free will and its influence on the pre-programme. The first part of the book looks into cosmological development and the meaning of Deity. The second part  is concerned with human history,  philosophy and revelations relating to the changes in the meaning of Deity. The third part revolves around the choice of deity and its reflection on human biology, psychology and sociology in a scientific manner.