Motivating Emotions Scientifically Associated with the Choice of Deity


Humans are the only conscious beings that have the ability to motivate their own emotions, however, the authentication of these individual and universal emotional motivations proves to be rather problematic. There is no doubt that genetics, traditions, cultural and geographical environments, and many more factors can play important roles in motivating emotions but the main factor is the choice of deity. The choosers consciously and voluntarily give full authority to the chosen deity to customise the basic rules and regulations of their life that motivate emotional and social behaviours. Therefore, the chosen deity has to provide precise power and knowledge of codes and coordination for the choosers to manage the constant life giving but emotionally variable energy flow, within self, body, soul and spirit between self and the chosen deity and with the other conscious or autonomous creations. The important question is, ‘How can the chosen deity be authenticated to motivate the individual emotions and outline the universal principles under a total freedom, equality and justice among human beings? Therefore, the book ‘Deity and Freedom, Equality, Justice in History, Philosophy and Science (2013)’ concentrates on how to choose the authentic Deity, using the existing ‘wave end energy behaviours’ to demonstrate the emotional energy flow coordinating their behaviour between the different mediums. The main aim is to establish valid measurable link between reason, emotion and belief to encourage developing new combined scientific methods of research in the future, without which the world of science cannot be considered complete.

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Keywords: emotion,motivation,behaviour,deity,science,freedom,equality,justice,harmony,authentic;

Sukran Karatas

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