Scientific Explanations of Fear and Anxiety Relating to the Choice of Deity

Science of Choosing Deity Scientific Explanations of Fear and Anxiety Relating to the Choice of Deity Abstract Estrangement is one of the biggest causes of fear and anxiety in the 21st century to such a degree that individuals are failing to understand and identify the true self even in the big picture let alone within the complexity of psychology. East and West, physics and metaphysics, body and spirit, you and I and many more things are not only dragged apart from each other but also divided in its own nature. Nonsentient beings, including the human body, act upon built-in knowledge designed by the same super power behind the Big Bang to perform their finely tuned individual and collective actions completely free from oppression of one another. Human voluntary actions, on the contrary, are initiated by conscious knowledge, become apparent by actions that cooperated with built-in structure. Brain, mind and heart, in particular, are the places that the combined energy waves are generated, received and reflected depending on the values of individual perceptions and genetic abilities. Hence, accurate codes and coordinations are absolutely necessary for emotion-related unsteady voluntary actions to work in harmony with the automated ones. Individuals are free to choose their own deity but it is essential to have the same Deity to establish perfect consistency between the two systems and the Deity. Only then total freedom, equality and justice can be achieved voluntarily in line with the nature. Therefore, the book, ‘Deity and Freedom, Equality, Justice in History, Philosophy, Science’ , aims to draw attention to existent missing links between the innate and voluntary actions and offering scientific solutions. Arguing that the methods of the existing four types of ‘energy wave end boundary behaviours’ between the different mediums can be used to assess the authenticity of the relationships between the chooser and the chosen deity, which is vital for human health, wealth, happiness and social relations. FREEDOM, EQUALITY, JUSTICE IN RELATION TO THE CHOICE OF THE DEITY.

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