Synapses: Deity in relation to synapses and action potential.

Action potential – Synapses:



So far we have looked into the shape and structure ‘morphology’ of the neuron. Now we can look into synapses before going on to the force and energy they carry. We have mentioned before that this is a structure of one related to another and the end result affects the whole body and the surroundings. Synapses are also automated systems; they work on a basis of the level of input power into the system, which is called ‘action potential’. However, all starts in the cell’s body within the neuron. “Cells are delineated by an outer membrane which separates them from the external environment, also called extracellular space. Inside the cell, a central region or nucleus contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), a nucleic acid that constitutes the hereditary or genetic material. The nucleus is surrounded by an intercellular substance termed cytoplasm. There are additional structures or organelles within the cytoplasm that are necessary for the biological processes of cellular life, such as making protein or transforming nutrients into an utilizable energy source.”[1] This clearly indicates that we are back to the basis of existence the ‘cause and effect’ situation again.

Energy and force in the action potential generate the level and strength of communication between the brain, intellect, consciousness with body parts and the end behaviour. This is another circular chain reaction that has cause and effect. The behaviour taken place at first instant will affect the behaviour of neurons, the level of chemicals (neurotransmitter) released into the system affects the end result. Thus, the behaviour at the beginning will determine the whole neurobiological system and the resulting behaviour. It will carry on and on until the behaviour of the free-will input is changed, then the output will be changed too. This is the only place where freedom of choice is involved.

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