Who is our deity?


Animal also have brain and mind but they do not have consciousness. They do not question but obey to their creator even when they are obeying their owners to do certain things. Who do we obey? What are we using our consciousness for? Are we asking questions to found out about the real truth that unites us with the rest of the creations or we are asking to justify our own personal truth and divide or are we really asking at all, just pretending that we are?

Deity of the animals is their own Creator so they all free, equal and just between them. They do not have conscious hierarchy system to oppress other but to establish order instinctually. They do not even kill each other consciously but to survive.

Now, we can ask ourselves as conscious beings. Am I free from the oppressions of self and others? Am I equal with all the other conscious beings? Am I being just to myself and others? For whom and what I am behaving that the way I choose to behave? Who really my deity is?


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